Waldorf doll ballerina CUSTOM

$595.00 - $630.00
  • Waldorf doll ballerina CUSTOM


The doll in the picture is Aska and she is already sold , but I can make a similar one using the same techniqu.
The listing includes a doll in one set of clothes.

Aska is Waldorf inspired OOAK art doll 15" - 16" tall. She is firmly needle felted, sculpted (head, body, arms and legs) and with a partial wire armature.

'Partial armature' means that the doll has a wire armature run from the head to the ankles, but not through the arms. The wire gives the doll the capability of holding poses.
Firm felting enables the sculptural shaping of the body and face.

My dolls are eco friendly and I use only natural materials to make them. The body is filled with sheep wool and covered with high quality certified cotton jersay from a Swiss (Laib Yala) or Dutch (De Witte Engel) manufacturer. The hair is made from natural animal hair.

I make dolls in a 5:1 ratio (body-head), so they are slender. They are artistic dolls for collectors, or simply as decorative items, and are not meant to be a children's toy.

Details such as hairstyle, the clothing and shoes can be changed according to the customer's wishes. If you are unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask questions.